Playa De La Bajadilla

Playa de la Bajadilla is a popular destination in Marbella, with more than 700 meters of sandy beaches on which visitors can relax and enjoy water sports. On any given day during the summer months, you can find many parasols lining the sandy shore. In the marina by Playa de la Bajadilla, you will find distinct zones for fishing and sporting activities. From Playa de la Bajadilla, you can reach Playa de Venus, one of the larger beaches in Marbella and go sailing. You can also walk to Playa el Baro, one of the smaller beaches, for a romantic stroll.

You can relax on a number of sun beds that line the beachfront area. After a day on the beach or in the water, you can take advantage of the shower facilities on the beach and dine at one of the many restaurants at the beach.

Safety Is a Priority at Playa de la Bajadilla

Both Playa de la Bajadilla and the Marina Bajadilla have received Blue Flag certification for multiple years. Lifeguards and other safety personnel are available during the summer months.

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